Being a Stay/Work-at-Home-Mom can be challenging. Before having kids, you had so many freedoms. You had all the time in the world, you had lots of uninterrupted sleep, you used personal time however you pleased. Oh, the joys of pre-parenthood.

Now that you’re a mommy, it’s tough to squeeze in a few minutes of alone time without a little human crawling on you, desperate for attention.

Instead of being calm and carefree like it used to be, chaos, stress, and fatigue (lots of it) is the new norm. You’re elbow deep in work, to-do lists, meal planning, homeschooling, play dates, laundry, shopping and chasing after the kids.

You’re so busy that you never have time to care for your own basic needs or do something that’s just for you.

Maybe your personal goals are taking a backseat because you just can’t carve out an hour of time each day to reach those goals.

I Get It… 

Before my son was born, I had no idea what my life would be like as a new parent. I was optimistic and assumed life would be full of contentment. I even assumed life would “go back to normal”.

Post birth was a whirlwind. I was juggling so much on my own that it was taking a toll on my mental and physical health.

I was depressed, anxiety was high, and I was existing on two to three hours of sleep every night for over a year. I had excess weight that wouldn’t budge despite my best efforts.

Could I have made my health more of a priority? Of course, but like most moms I set a ridiculously high bar that anything less than perfect would be shameful. It’s a mindset that many moms struggle with. It leaves us overstretched, stressed, and resentful.

I woke up one day and I was tired of how I was living. I was numb and disconnected. I was unhappy. Instead of being present with my family and living a meaningful life, I was caught up in the unattainable mommy perfection game that drove me further from my goals.

I realized that the pressures I placed on myself were negatively impacting my life and my ability to enjoy parenthood. I knew I had to make some mindset and habit changes.

Overcome Your Struggles…

  • Let go of perfection. It’s impossible and quite frankly it’s boring. Why would you want to be boring?
  • Embraced minimalism. Having less is less stressful.
  • Let go of feeling the need to take all responsibility. Last time I checked my husband was in on this parenting deal, so why should I take on all the responsibility?
  • Committed to improving my mindset and enforced positive thinking every day.
  • Sought strategies and systems to streamline redundant tasks. Who has time for that?
  • Made small actionable steps to improve my daily routine to get me closer to my goals.
  • Prioritized my health because you can’t expect to be a happy and present mom if you don’t have your health.

It might not feel like the magical picture book mom life you thought it would be, but it is possible to reclaim your time and well-being even as a busy mom. 

I’ve made it my mission to help fellow moms use real-life strategies that are flexible and sustainable.

Hi, I’m Melanie. I’m the mom behind Mommy Life Strategies and I want to help you reclaim your time and confidence.

Here you will discover how to manage your time more efficiently, how to create positive daily habits that stick, mindset exercises that energize, and health and wellness tips that work even on the craziest days.

It’s a community free of guilt, shame and judgement. Self-care is not selfish, it is necessary to be the best person you can be for you and your family. 

Are you ready to take the leap from exhausted to energized?

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