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How to Declutter Your Home for Better Mental Health

Did you know that the state of your household can contribute to poor mental health? Having an organized home makes life so much easier. You’re calmer, thoughts are clearer and you’re generally happier. There are plenty of studies that show clutter can contribute to stress, procrastination and unhealthy eating habits. Having a disorganized home can affect […] Read more…

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2020 PowerSheets: A Quick Guide to Intentional Goal Planning

If you’re reading this, it’s already the new year. There’s a whole twelve months ahead of you, what are you going to do with it? Maybe you’ve been thinking about your goals but unclear how you’ll achieve them. Maybe you’re lacking confidence because traditional goal setting didn’t work for you in the past. For many people, goal setting is intimidating and triggers fear. Why? Because traditional goal setting  Read more…

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7 Smart Tips for Successful Goal Setting & Planning for Moms

What does successful goal setting and planning mean to you? Not sure? How do you set and plan goals? For some moms, it looks like this…Write a list of goals, dream, set it aside and forget about it for a while. After a few weeks remind yourself of the goals you want to achieve but feel bad because you haven’t started, set it aside out of guilt. Goals to the back burner, again. Rinse and repeat. Does this sound familiar? It’s a common cycle Read more…

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Easy Holiday Gift Guide 2019: The 4 Gift Rule

This gift guide is a bit different than most of the guides I’ve seen. I recently wrote a blog post on ways to simplify Christmas and one of them was about how to apply the 4-gift rule. To make holiday shopping easier, I created a gift guide that’s focused on that rule. If you don’t already know what it is, it’s an easy gifting rule based on four categories – Want, Need, Wear, and Read. It’s a great because it makes it super easy to shop. The guide is divided in groups for Kids, Moms & Dads.  Read more…

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Simplifying Christmas: 11 Approaches to a Stress-Free Holiday

Christmas, the most wonderful time of the year. A season of joy and celebration. But for some, this time of year brings more stress than joy. It’s understandable considering how much there is to do during the holiday season. The decorating, the shopping, the entertaining, the meal planning, the cooking, the baking, the organizing (if you have the time), gift wrapping, getting the Christmas cards in the mail on time and oh, the cleaning too (lots of it!). Read more…

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