Open laptop with holiday planner Google Sheets spreadsheet with text that reads: "multi-tab,easy to use, multi-currency"

Make Holiday Planning Easier Plan, Budget, and Track: Your personal holiday organizer all in one place. Get the Holiday Planner What’s Included: Budget Tracker Gifts Tracker Transaction Log Christmas Card Tracker Monthly Calendars Christmas Itinerary Holiday Recipe Log Holiday Bucket List​ Holiday Survival Tips Streamline your holiday planning Organize with Ease FAQs How […] Read more…

simple christmas holiday

Simplifying Christmas: 11 Approaches to a Stress-Free Holiday

Christmas, the most wonderful time of the year. A season of joy and celebration. But for some, this time of year brings more stress than joy. It’s understandable considering how much there is to do during the holiday season. The decorating, the shopping, the entertaining, the meal planning, the cooking, the baking, the organizing (if you have the time), gift wrapping, getting the Christmas cards in the mail on time and oh, the cleaning too (lots of it!). Read more…

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