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In the whirlwind of motherhood, where the days often seem shorter than the to-do lists, busy moms are constantly seeking ways to manage their time effectively and boost productivity. 

Juggling family, work, household chores, and personal well-being can be overwhelming. Enter Magic To-Do, a free tool by Goblin.Tools, designed to make life more manageable and help busy moms get unstuck by breaking down tasks into doable, actionable steps. 

I’ll show you how Magic To-Do can be a game-changer if you’re looking to regain control of the chaos and get stuff done in as much peace and focus as possible.

Mom Struggles

Life as a mom is a beautiful and fulfilling journey, but it’s not without its challenges. 

Managing a household, attending to children’s needs, running errands, and often balancing a career can leave even the most organized moms feeling overwhelmed.

The constant juggling act can lead to stress, burnout, and the feeling of never having enough time for oneself.

One of the biggest hurdles moms face is the sheer volume of tasks and responsibilities. 

It’s easy to become paralyzed when looking at a long to-do list, unsure of where to start or how to prioritize. 

This is where Magic To-Do steps in to offer a huge helping hand.

Magic To-Do: Unpacking the Magic

Magic To-Do, created by Goblin.Tools, is a free task management tool that specializes in simplifying the complex. 

Unlike some other task management apps that focus on prioritization and time blocking, Magic To-Do excels at breaking tasks down into bite-sized, actionable steps. Think of it like having a personal assistant to guide you through your day. 

All the tools are free with the exception of the mobile app which is priced quite low. Get the mobile app here. 

I highly recommend you get the app if you’re always on the go and frequently struggle to break down big projects. This will truly be a lifesaver.

The creators of, can some other interesting tools as well, like the Formalizer: Turns spicy thoughts into classy ones (this one looks fun!), Judge: which reads tones better, Estimator: will tell you how long it will take to do something, Complier: braindump a bunch of tasks, and Chef: add a list of ingredients, other details and it will suggest what to eat.

But wait, can’t Chatgpt do the same? It can but the magic of this tool is its simplicity and distraction-free interface. Chatgpt can go into great detail and you might get sidetracked with other things you can do.

This tool is for the mom who needs to go back to the basics to unscramble all the thoughts in her head and make it manageable.

Key Features of Magic To-Do

Task Breakdown: The core feature of Magic To-Do is its ability to break down tasks into smaller, more manageable subtasks. For busy moms, this means they can tackle complex tasks step by step, making progress without feeling overwhelmed.

When you type in your project in the ‘Add new item..’ box, click the hot peppers to break it down into more steps. It depends on your preference but more tasks might be more overwhelming,so adjust where you feel it’s best. You can always remove a task you don’t feel would be helpful in finishing a project.

Actionable Steps: When you got a big project like decluttering,  Magic To-Do can break down into simpler steps. For example, you need to declutter the guest room in time for Christmas. Simply type “declutter guest room” Magic To-do can break it down into manageable steps. Check out my quick video guide to see it in action.

Estimate time for each step: If you underestimate how long it takes to do a task, this will help significantly. In the dropdown, click Estimate and it will provide an estimate of the task. Scroll to the bottom of the list and select the hammer tool to estimate all the tasks at once. You can adjust this by adding more or less time. 

Easy-to-Use Interface: The user-friendly design of Magic To-Do makes it accessible to everyone, regardless of tech-savviness. I love that it’s simple, no distractions. Mom life is full of distractions that steal our time and energy. Magic To-Do can help you get stuff done without the distraction.

Reasons to use Magic To-Do as a Busy Mom

Now, let’s dive into the ways Magic To-Do can transform a busy mom’s daily life:

Overcoming Overwhelm

Imagine a mom’s to-do list, packed with tasks like “Plan Johnny’s Birthday Party,” “Grocery Shopping,” and “Work on Presentation.” These are broad and sometimes intimidating tasks that can cause overwhelm, stopping you in your tracks. “Plan Johnny’s Birthday Party” becomes “Choose Party Theme,” “Create Guest List,” and “Shop for Party Supplies.” Suddenly, the hurdle becomes doable.

Efficient Household Management

Running a household is a full-time job in itself. Am I right? Streamline your household tasks by creating a clear action plan. “Clean the House” becomes “Sweep the Living Room,” “Laundry,” and “Organize Kids’ Toys.” By tackling one task at a time, you can maintain a tidy home without feeling overwhelmed.

Balancing Work and Family

If you’re a working mom, balancing a career with family life is a constant challenge. Magic To-Do can help moms stay on top of work-related tasks, meetings, and deadlines. Plus, it provides the flexibility to allocate time for family and self-care amidst a busy work schedule.

Setting Realistic Goals

Magic To-Do can encourage you to set realistic goals by breaking them down into doable steps. Whether it’s a fitness goal, a home improvement project, or starting a side hustle, you can make progress without feeling like you’re constantly falling behind.

Practical Tips for Using Magic To-Do Effectively

To fully harness the power of Magic To-Do, here are some practical tips for busy moms:

Start Small: Begin with a few tasks and gradually expand as you become comfortable with the app.

Morning Routine: Use Magic To-Do to plan your morning routine. Breaking down tasks like “Get Kids Ready for School” into smaller steps can make mornings smoother.

Weekly Planning: Set aside time each week to plan tasks and goals. Magic To-Do’s customizable categories can help you organize your week effectively.

Delegate Tasks: Don’t hesitate to delegate tasks to family members or use Magic To-Do for shared responsibilities.

High-Priority Tasks: Identify and prioritize your high-priority tasks to ensure they get the attention they deserve.

Review and Reflect: Regularly review your tasks and mark completed ones. Reflect on your achievements and adjust your goals as needed.

Self-Care Goals: Use Magic To-Do to set self-care goals.

Put Magic To-Do To Work For You

Like with a lot of tools, it won’t magically prioritize your tasks. You will still need to decide what matters most. Ask yourself, what tasks will have the most impact? Which tasks will help you finish a project faster or easier?

Time is a precious commodity, and the chaos of daily life can be overwhelming. 

Let Magic To-Do help make your life easier. No more complex projects and tasks. Be productive and reclaim your time by keeping it simple.

If this sounds good to you, give Magic To-Do a try. It might just be the tool you’ve been waiting for to help you break things down so you don’t have to. Say goodbye to being overwhelmed and hello to a more organized, fulfilling life. Get Magic To-Do today and experience the magic for yourself!

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