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Summer is fast approaching, do you have all the essentials for the season?

Whether you need the basics like sunscreen, hats, or an addition to your wardrobe, it’s in the list! Here are 18 summer essentials you need this season.

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1.Linens and towels

During the summer, there will be many trips to the beach and to your backyard for some sun and water fun. You’ll need some versatile towels and throws that are lightweight and quick dry like the Turkish towels and Lightweight Linen throw blankets here.

2.Mosquito repellent

I always forget to get the bug repellent and don’t get any until I get bitten. Don’t let that be you, be prepared with Badger Anti-Bug Natural Bug Spray and 2-Wick Citronella Candles.


You and your family will probably want to drink some delicious lemonade or iced tea, get a durable and secure pitcher like the Lock and Lock Pitcher here. Save yourself the trip to the store for popsicles and make your own with Popsicle Molds. Your kids will thank you! 


4.Water Bottles

Water bottles are one of those absolutely essential items for summer. Need to stay hydrated! This super practical collapsible water bottle is excellent to store in your handbag without taking up too much space. These Contigo Trekker water bottles are spillproof and secure for the kiddos.

5.Insulated Tote Bags

So you made some delicious egg salad sandwiches and are planning to take them along to the park with the kids. Sounds like a good plan unless you forgot to keep them cool! Keep your snacks fresh, cool and safe with these insulated bags.

6.Picnic Beach Blanket

A picnic or beach blanket is a must-have for anyone who will be enjoying the outdoors this summer. This beach blanket can comfortably fit 7 people and is waterproof, sand proof, and compact. Don’t forget a sun umbrella like this one, it’s adjustable and can attach to camping chairs and even strollers! These are great summer essentials for families.


7.Lightweight and Flowy Dresses

The summer season can get hot and humid, stay cool with these lightweight and pretty summer dresses. 

8.Shorts and Pants

Amazon has some great wardrobe essentials that will work for any busy mom, like these chinos and linen-blend drawstring pants.


10.Comfortable casual shoes

You have kids so you will be on your feet and chasing them around all through the summer, invest in some good shoes like these ones.


13.Hats for sun protection

Protect yourself from the sun and bad hair days with these comfortable and stylish hats.


Eye protection is a must all year around, if you need another pair Amazon has these polarized sunglasses at a great price!


14.Face Lotion with sunscreen

With lighter and less clothing overall, your skin will be exposed to harmful UV rays. Protect your skin! Be sure to get sunscreen specifically for your face and one for the rest of your body.

15.Refreshing body mist

Body mists are great for the summer, not only do you smell great but they can help cool you off too. Grab these delicious-smelling Body Shop body mists.


16.Meal Kit for easy dinners

Just because it’s summer doesn’t mean you have to make mealtime fancy. If would rather save time and energy and have someone send you a meal kit that you can prepare in 15 minutes, I recommend Gobble. Get 6 meals for $36!

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