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As autumn begins to set in and the crisp air settles, September brings a sense of renewal. Many people experience a rush of energy, and a desire to start over.

This is similar to the feeling that we associate with the month of January. It is for this reason that September is referred to as the “new January”.

It’s not a new phenomenon. Our lives are largely based on academic calendars. A new school year was always announced at the end of summer, with new notebooks, classes, and a renewed commitment to success. 

This pattern instills a sense of September as a time for transition and new beginnings that you can leverage to achieve your goals. 

I’ll cover why September is an excellent opportunity for you to set goals and an easy-to-follow action plan so you get ahead on your goals.


Why September is the new January for moms

Here are a few reasons why September is the new January and for moms, it can be a great opportunity to achieve your goals and/or create a plan before the year ends.

Back to School, Back to You

Between the drop-offs to pickups, you suddenly have a bit more “me” time. While January can be cold with shorter days, the perfect combination of mild temperatures and longer daylight hours is September. This creates an ideal environment for kicking off those goals.

Post-Summer Reflections

The summer, with its relaxed pace and vacations, gives us a chance to get away from our routines. September is a great time to reflect and re-calibrate as it comes to a close. This is a time to reflect on the past months and re-calibrate. How can I get the most out of it?

The Pressure of January

Let’s be honest, January can feel overwhelming. Sometimes, the pressure from society to make a multitude of resolutions is what sets us up for failure. September is a month that does not have this kind of pressure. It allows for a more organic and natural approach to setting goals.

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How Moms Can Embrace September

If you’re a mom who loves the Fall season and you are the one who counts the days leading up to Fall with excitement, then getting a head start on your goals would be easier and more motivating.

Consider these three points if you’re still not sure you want to start goal setting sooner.

1. This is a great time to reflect

Reflection can be done at any time throughout the year. You don’t have to wait until January to do it. Think about the year you’ve had before setting new goals. 

  • What have you accomplished? 
  • What were the challenges you faced? 
  • What can you let go to make space for more important things in your life?

2. Start working on your goals now

Don’t wait till January to set goals, get started today.

If you have ever wanted to learn a new skill, develop healthier habits, or tackle a negative mindset, you can use the energizing change of the Fall season to motivate you to get started. 

Here are some examples:

Want to be a more effective parent?

Let’s imagine that you’re looking to learn new parenting techniques to improve your child’s behavior. You will be able to learn the technique before the year ends or even earlier if you begin learning it now. Your child and you will both benefit from a new skill as soon as the new year begins.

Want to feel healthy? 

Imagine how you’d feel if waited until January to start taking care of your health. Why wait when you could be doing it now? Who wouldn’t enjoy a stroll in the beautiful autumn leaves? Take a step towards your goal today.

Want to feel good enough?

Many moms are struggling with this. It’s hard to defeat perfectionism for many moms. Take the necessary steps to combat these tendencies if you want to stop thinking that nothing is good enough. Imagine being able to break free of the chains of perfectionism in the New Year. Find out how to embrace imperfection here.

3. Plan ahead and stay on course

It’s essential to set goals and plan the steps to reach them. Are you overwhelmed or short of time? Baby steps are the way to go. Take small steps.

You will have a head start in January, even if it is only small steps. It’s good to feel that way, right? It’s a good feeling to be able to get an early start and break the cycle of New Year’s Resolutions.

You can keep yourself motivated by creating a vision, a checklist of your daily baby steps, or rewarding yourself for sticking with it.

Making progress is the best way to stay motivated so stay on track and don’t give up. You will see with consistency and commitment that you will make progress.

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Your September Action Plan

Imagine this as your own personal action plan for Fall. Fill in the blanks to create a simple action plan that will empower you during this season. 

Let’s use the magic of September for your goals, whether it’s to learn a new skill or adopt healthier habits.

1.Define your Goal

My Fall Goal: (what is one goal that you know would enrich your life?)

Examples: Practice daily gratitude, learn a new parenting skill, or walk 10,000 steps per day.

2.Clarify Why it's important to you

Why I want to reach this goal:


3.Break down the goal

The Main Steps I Need to Take To Achieve My Goal:






4.Plan your small daily steps

The Week One

  • Monday:
  • Tuesday:
  • Wednesday:
  • Thursday:
  • Friday:
  • Weekend Challenge:

Every big goal begins with small, consistent actions. What small actions can you do every day?

5.Track your progress

Measuring my progress: (How will you keep track of your progress?)

Examples: A daily gratitude journal, a new skill checklist, a step counter.

6.Setbacks and Solutions

Potential setbacks I might face:


Solutions for these problems:


Anticipating obstacles and planning for them can help you to stay on track.

7.Celebrate your wins

Weekly rewards:

Rewarding yourself for small achievements can increase motivation and morale.

This plan will help you to achieve success in September. This plan will help you get ahead and take action before the end of the year. Every step is progress.

Don't wait, get started on your goals today!

September might just be the secret month you’ve been waiting for. While January carries the weight of a new year, September offers a gentler, more personal reset button.

Take this opportunity to reset and achieve your goals. Here’s to a successful and transformative fall!


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