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Life has a lot going on when you’re a mom. Consistent routines and prioritizing what matters can keep mom life organized and in control. But there are other ways to free up your time and make your home run more efficiently.

I’ve compiled a list of 13 smart home essentials on Amazon that can help organize your life and save some time for you too. The list includes many high-rated and affordable products that are actually helpful.

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Smart Time Saving Kitchen Products

What if making your morning cup as easy as “Alexa, turn on my coffee maker.”

Think of the other things you can be doing while your coffee is being prepared for you. This would make your morning routine so much more convenient. Amazing right?

If you’re shopping the Prime Day deals, it’s a great price to free up an extra few minutes every morning.

So your smart coffee machine made your coffee for you, now the challenge is drinking it fast enough while it’s warm. 

Not need to keep microwaving your coffee, keep it warm with a coffee mug warmer. 

VOBAGA Coffee Mug Warmer, Electric Coffee Warmer for Desk with Auto Shut Off, 3 Temperature Setting

I loath loose cords. It’s not only annoying and disorganized but it can be dangerous too! A small and cheap item but very effective to keep cords in place. 

It’s currently half the price for Prime Day (as of July 11, 2023). Get it before the price goes up!

No more needing a weight lifter to open jars for you! This under-cabinet jar opener makes it easy to open jars that would normally take you several minutes and many failed attempts.

Made in USA so you will be supporting a family-owned small business!

It’s currently half the price for Prime Day (as of July 11, 2023). Get it before the price goes up!

Easy to use, quick draining, and saves space. No more gunk-ridden detergent bottles hanging around the counter.

Even better, it’s a one-handed operated tool. So much easier than a slippery bottle to contend with!

Every mom knows how disorganized pots, pans, and lids can get. This is an excellent solution to keep it all together in one organized place. Easy to assemble and won’t scratch your pots!

Just like pots and lids can get disorganized, so too can cling wrap, foil, and parchment! Easy to store in your cabinet and easy to grab when you need it.

Who wants to chop the old-fashioned way? If you don’t, this mandoline will work wonders and is designed to be safe. 

Get 30 slicing options, easy to clean design, and compact for easy storage.

Morning routines can be hectic for moms, let Alexa help. Get the weather, listen to music, ask a question, get hands-free timers, or use it to keep your kids entertained while you get stuff done.

Helpful, convenient, and affordable. Get a great deal on Prime Day.

When you’re a busy mom, a little bit of help can go a long way. Smart use of screen time can help you get stuff done as well as entertain and educate your kids.

The Echo Show Kids comes with a year of Amazon Kids+ subscription and has a good variety of capabilities like: playing music, reading, help with homework and even make parent-approved calls.

Get a great deal this Prime Day.

This bundle includes the Ring A19 Smart LED Bulb and the new Echo Show 10 (3rd Gen). Make your home a smart home and use your voice to control your lights. Comes with many features to customize. Don’t forget you can ask Alexa to help you with setup!

An affordable smart switch must-have that works with an Alexa device. Control from anywhere. Turn your electronics on or off from anywhere with your smartphone! It’s voice-controlled too, so it’s also hands-free. Learn more about how this simple smart switch can make life easier for you.

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