Summer is here and there are many fun family activities to enjoy. You’re excited to get started doing all the things. It starts out great, but the excitement starts to wane because you’ve been looking for an opportunity to fill your cup and never seem to get around to it.

The problem is you know you need a break, but you don’t know what to do or how to fit in some me-time.

Not the summertime rest and relaxation you were expecting.

Your summer break can really be the break you need to recharge. You just need a friendly reminder and a few tips to help you get the much-needed me-time.

Keep reading for some doable ideas to practice self-care during the Summer season.

Wake up before the kids

I’m sure you hear this often and I understand it can be hard to do especially in the lazy days of Summer.

Waking up before the kids will give you valuable time to do what you want that you otherwise would not be able to do with kids around.

You can take the few extra minutes to shower and do your hair if that is something you don’t usually get to do.

You can plan your week, journal, listen to a podcast, exercise, or get outside. There are many activities you can do even if you have just a handful of minutes.

Tip: Make sure to set an alarm. The trick is to set your clock across the room as it makes it less convenient to hit the snooze button.

Maintain a good sleep routine

Making smores, staying up late to watch movies, and sleeping in are all temping during the summer break but can ruin a good sleep routine.

Allow yourself some extra minutes of sleep but try to stick to a sleep schedule if you can. It’s easy to get into the habit of sleeping in and while it may seem harmless now, you might find yourself having a hard time once the break is over.  

Keep in mind that sleeping in doesn’t always allow you to catch up on lost sleep. You also lose the chance to get started on things you want to get done like cleaning, meal prep, or some quiet time for yourself.

Getting proper sleep is important all year around and it can be achieved through a consistent and healthy sleep schedule.

Tip: Avoid screens before bed at least an hour before sleep as the blue light emitted will keep you awake. Also, have your bedroom ready for your nighttime ritual. Low warm lighting, relaxing music or a book to help you unwind.

Create a space for you to rest and recover

The kids are home which might mean less quiet time for you. If you can, create a quiet space at home to rest and decompress.

This will be your place to enjoy some low-key activities like listening to a podcast, reading, writing in your journal, or to do nothing at all but rest.

Figure out what self-care activities fill you up the most. It will be easier to know what kind of space you will need to nurture your self-care practice.

If you are unable to create a space at home, there are plenty of other spaces you can use. It can be at a park, library, coffee shop, or a shared workspace. Wherever it be, make sure you can truly rest and recover.

Every mom needs a sanctuary, do you have one?

Tip: Add personal touches to your space. If you make it yours, you are more likely to keep it. Add color that invigorates, texture to help you feel present and pleasant aromas to relax.

Declutter and simplify your home

If the summer break is leaving your home cluttered and chaotic, don’t wait! Deal with it asap.

Decluttering doesn’t have to be a massive undertaking and a little bit of work can go a long way. Take a small chunk of time every day to declutter. Pick a trouble zone in your home that needs to be decluttered and take 10-15 minutes per day until it’s clutter free.

Set up a station for outdoor toys and equipment. Bubble toys, frisbees, bikes, sandals, and towels, will all have a place instead of being scattered around the house. Makes for easier cleanup.

Now that you’ve tidied up, be diligent about preventing clutter from building up again. Keep only stuff you use on a regular basis and get rid of the rest (sell, donate or recycle).

The effort you put into decluttering can help simplify your life and can make your daily routine less so much easier. 

Recommended: How to declutter your home for better mental health (free declutter guide)

Tip: Use a timer to keep you focused and avoid taking up too much time. A timer can motivate you to move quickly so you can get stuff done faster.

Make everyday items accessible to your kids

What does this have to do with self-care?

Now that the kids are home all day, there’s a good chance they will be asking you to find and get things for them. That is not bad of course but you know that your kids can ask you to fetch stuff for them multiple times a day.

You can save yourself the constant interruption by setting up items in easy to access places. Place these items in baskets, bins, or shelves that your kids can grab child-approved household items, toys, and/or snacks.

You can empower your kids while giving yourself a break, there is no harm in that. Encouraging independence in age-appropriate children is a good thing.

No more being on duty to fetching stuff for your kids!

Tip: Look for other ways you can help your kids be independent. Create a chart of activities your kids can help you out in some small way. They will appreciate the sense of accomplishment and you will appreciate the help and the extra time to recharge.

Image of a woman engaging in artistic activities

Take time for a personal passion project

A passion project can be anything that inspires, motivates, or energizes you and have wanted to try for a really long time. Maybe it’s reorganizing a space in your home, start a side hustle, start a book club, learn photography or volunteer.

As part of your summer recharge, start your passion project this summer. Choose one project that will satisfy you and give you a sense of accomplishment. Plan it and schedule it.

Tip: Think about all the things that excite you. Write a list and pick your top five. Choose one that stands out at you and that you would want to pursue today without hesitation.

Stay on top of your health

I believe you don’t have to deprive yourself or have to follow a rigid fitness routine to be healthy. But it’s important to remember as a busy mom to stay on top of your health all year around.

The Summer season can be easier to fit in daily movement and eat healthy foods. Take advantage of this time to get outdoors and hit up local farmers markets with your family and friends. Don’t forget to stay hydrated too!

Tip: Break up your fitness routine into small bursts. 5-10 minutes here and there will keep it manageable. Keep healthy eating simple by prioritizing whole food. You will never be deprived of selection and flavor.

Rejuvenate this summer with journaling

If you haven’t started journaling yet, now is no better time to try. There are many types of journals you can try. There are goals journals, stress-relief, gratitude, creativity, and self-improvement journals. Choose the type you gravitate towards the most.

Journaling is a practice that allows you to be you, to freely express your thoughts, feelings and ideas. And it’s a place to write down your ambitions, help you visualize and manifest your dreams. There are a multitude of benefits to journaling. Help you refocus, give you the quiet peacefulness of being mindful while journaling.

If you’re looking for an easy self-care practice, journaling is a great place to start.

Tip: Don’t overthink it. You’ll lose precious minutes contemplating what you will write. If you don’t know where to start use prompts to get you started.

Give yourself time to be alone

When was the last time you enjoyed your own company?

When you’re a mom, time alone is rare. It is probably the last thing you think of as self-care because you are intentionally isolating yourself. But I’m talking about healthy isolation where you can regain your sanity and nourish your mental health.

Sometimes you just need to a bit of alone time and that’s okay. Remember that it’s not a bad thing. Go ahead and carve out some time for yourself. No guilt!

Tip: Make sure to communicate with your spouse that you need this time. If getting alone time is difficult to get, spread it out through the day.

Let go of comparison

Summer is full of sunshine, BBQs, ice cream and beaches. But it’s also a time where moms can feel a bit inadequate. Beaches are awesome but that means less clothing and swimsuits. Unfortunately, there are too many moms that miss out because they don’t feel fit enough to do so.

Or maybe your feeling bad because a mom friend has got their summer all planned out and enjoying without a blip. Meanwhile you didn’t plan anything special and hoping to keep it simple.

It will always seem like other moms are doing so much better than you, maybe they are and maybe there aren’t.

Don’t let comparison take you away from enjoying life. Focus on spending time with the people you love and the activities that bring you joy no matter how simple.

Tip: Make a list of the things you are proud about yourself and your family. Maybe you will realize how wasteful it is to compare yourself to others? Remind yourself of all that you are proud of every time you feel inadequate and have the urge to compare.

Set a goal to accomplish over the summer

Do you want to challenge yourself this summer?

Set one goal this summer, it can be finishing a passion project you put on hold, or it could be making a change to your habits like making time for daily movement or being more present with your kids.

If you have a goal (big or small) you want to achieve, take time to plan out how you will achieve it.

Tip: Use S.M.A.R.T goals to establish clarity and give you a strong starting point. In addition to smart goals, you can use visualization such as a vision board to help you achieve your goal.

Let go of high expectations

There’s a good chance that the next few weeks won’t turn out like you expected.

Maybe you had hopes that the Summer would be filled with all kinds of cool stuff for the family, but it didn’t quite happen. Don’t beat yourself up.

It might be a good idea to lower expectations so that you don’t end up disappointed and let it ruin your summer.

It can help to live in the moment and be more present. If plans change, you won’t be bothered by it, and you’ll continue to enjoy your time with the ones you love no matter what happens.

Enjoy the Summer because it doesn’t last long and soon the back-to-school rush will be here. Grab your favorite beverage and soak it up the sun while you can.

Tip: Focus on the positives and what you can do right now to make the season a memorable one for you and your family.

Summer seems to fly by so quickly. If you’re not careful it might slip away, leaving you exhausted and disappointed.

Prioritize yourself and practice self-care daily.

Keep your routines in check and working for you. Set goals and pursue your passion project.

Move your body, feed it with healthy whole foods and surround yourself with the people you love. Set up a positive and productive environment so you can rest and recharge.

I hope these summer self-care suggestions help you enjoy your summer season so you can be prepared for the next.

What is your favorite summer self-care activity? Share in the comments. Would love to hear what you have to say.

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