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What does your current snacking situation look like? I’m guessing, it’s a grab-what-can sort of situation? Maybe you don’t even snack at all and find yourself dragging your feet by 3 pm in desperate search for strong coffee?

When you’re a mom on the go, you need the right fuel to get you through the day. It will help keep your mood and energy levels stable. And with the right snacks, it will even curb stubborn cravings.

I’m not going to recommend apples with peanut butter or ants on a log. Been there, done that! These are good snack options but there are other foods that will do just as good if not better.

These awesome snacks will give you the fuel you need to master your day.

1. Smoothies

Smoothies are great because it’s portable. Store it in any container with a proper seal and it’s ready to consume. Keep in mind that if you have a smoothie with dairy, keep it stored in a good tight sealed container so it stays cold and safe to consume.

To build a super smoothie, choose your liquid base. Filtered water, milk (dairy or non-dairy), or fruit juice are options for your base. Add your fruits and veggies and add some extra protein like nut butter or a good quality protein powder.

Don’t want to drink your smoothie? Make a smoothie bowl! The key to making a good smoothie bowl is the consistency. Good thickeners are avocado, chia seed, and flax seed. If you don’t want to add any of those, you can add more frozen fruit or veggies for a thick consistency.

2. Jerky

High protein and low carb. This snack will force you to eat slower and will take you longer to consume because it’s so chewy. This is a great snack when you’re used to eating too fast. Choose grass-feed, and preservative free whenever possible.

3.Solo Nutrition Bars

Low glycemic, gluten free, vegan, and high protein bars are nothing short of amazing. My personal favorites are Lemon Lift and Dark Chocolate Mandarin. Super yum! It’s low GI so it releases slowly to avoid that sugar spike that you get with high GI foods. The Solo Nutrition bar is a perfect source of energy that can fight cravings, improve focus and sustained energy. If you’re a mama who’s frequently on the go and wants to snack smart give these a try.

4. Cottage cheese

Cottage cheese is known to be a “diet” food. Remember the 80’s? Low fat cottage cheese was a thing. Now that we know that fat isn’t the enemy, a small serving of full-fat cottage cheese is a very good choice as it’s filling and offers a decent amount of protein along with calcium, vitamin A & D.

Make it sweet by adding fruit or make it savory by adding a bit of crumbled bacon and spices. Add in some fiber with nuts and seeds.

5. Beef & Chicken skewers

Skewers for a snack? Yep, you read that right. Why not change it up a bit? Take left-over cooked chicken breast or steak, cut into large chunks and slide on skewer sticks. For bonus points, get creative. Add some red and green peppers (vegetable of your choice), or pineapple (fruit of your choice).

TIP: Veggies and fruit are always a great snack. Choose veggies that are pre-chopped and portable. It’s always best to pair your veggies and fruit with a source of protein for satiety. You want your snack to curb cravings and carry you throughout a hectic day.

6. Avocados

Not just for guac, avocados are versatile and can be prepared in many ways. It’s high in fiber making it an excellent choice for a snack that will keep you sated longer. It’s also a source of Vitamin C and Potassium.

7. Hardboiled eggs

This is an oldie but a goodie. The mighty hardboiled egg is high in protein and low calorie. It’s a good source of Vitamins B-12, A, and D. It’s so easy to prepare and store. Tip: After boiling and cooling, keep the shell on the egg and only remove it when it’s ready to eat. It will last a week in the fridge vs 3 days if de-shelled.

8. Greek yogurt

It’s thick and creamy and can be sweet or savory. Be sure to choose plain (most flavored yogurt has added sugar) so you have the option of making it either way. Another good choice as it’s high in protein, Calcium, and Vitamins A and C. A little goes a long way when you include fresh fruit, nuts or seeds.

9. Fish

Whether canned, steamed or smoked, fish is an excellent option. It’s lean and filling, you can eat it on its own or in a lettuce wrap, stuffed inside a red pepper, or on whole grain crackers. It’s loaded with protein so it will fill you up but be sure to add veggies and fruit. Fiber is just as important as protein for fullness, and it’s always optimal to have the best of both worlds.

10. Leftovers

Don’t underestimate leftovers as a viable snack choice. Instead of grabbing something quick and processed like a bagel at your local cafe, take advantage of last nights dinner that you put so much work into.

Aim to choose simple foods that are unprocessed (or the least processed) and hearty. When snacking for health instead of convenience, you will notice a big difference in how you look and feel.

Wouldn’t it be nice to feel satisfied after eating instead of hungry again five minutes later?

Wouldn’t it be nice to have focus and mental clarity so you can work at your best?

Wouldn’t it be nice to have the energy to chase after your kids even after a long day?

Before you grab a bagel and venti latte that will leave you feeling hungry, opt for foods with a good source of protein and are high in nutrients.

It will be the best small investment you can make for your health.

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