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When you picture a confident woman, what do you see? Maybe you see a woman who walks with an assured posture, speaks with conviction, and has a long list of personal successes to show for.

She makes it look so easy.

That would be the typical idea of a confident woman but is that all there is to it?

No. There is more to building self-confidence than a power pose and a perfect track record.

Confidence doesn’t come naturally or easily. Building confidence is mindset and habit. Both take courage and practice.

Many moms struggle with low confidence and it affects their day to day lives sometimes without realizing it.

Why should this matter to you?

Low confident moms are always criticizing themselves, not trusting their own judgement, and always worried about what other people think.

When a mom is confident, she is happy.

A self-sabotaging mindset is robbing you of your full potential and is creating excess stress in your life.

Building confidence with courage will give you the self-awareness you need to start believing in yourself and live a fulfilling life.

Building confidence and new habits are not easy. To grow and improve you need to get out of your comfort zone and commit.

Understanding how you can build self-confidence and self-worth through courage is your first step.

The Connection Between Self Confidence and Courage

Think back on a time when you were scared to do something, but you gathered up the courage and did it anyway.

Maybe it was walking away from a bad situation. Maybe it was working through a problem that seemed impossible at first glance. Maybe it was overcoming a fear, facing it, and getting through it.

How did you feel after you did whatever that courageous thing or act was? I’m going to bet that you felt amazing afterwards.

It was terrifying, exhausting and it took effort, but you got through it anyway. The result made you feel good about yourself and your own ability to do other courageous things.

It’s a big way to give yourself a boost of confidence. Understanding the connection between them is so important because it creates a chain reaction of confidence and courage.  

The more you challenge yourself, the more you build courage, the easier and more confident you will be tackling a hard task or goal.

Use this to your advantage, make it a habit. By simply getting in the habit of doing something that scares you or seems hard but having the courage to try it anyway, you can put the chain reaction of increased self-confidence into motion.

How can you put self-confidence and courage into motion right now? Keep reading for doable small steps of action you can do every day.

Courage Is A Habit

Because courage is a habit, it’s completely in our control and it can be cultivated. All it takes is a little awareness and the drive to make it happen.

Begin with a positive mindset and know that each courageous step you make will build your confidence over time.

Even supermoms are creatures of habit and venturing outside of our comfort zone is a challenge. But if you want to be a confident mama, it’s important that you actively look for daily opportunities to practice.

You’ve done it before, and you can do it again. You got this!

Make a List

Grab a pen and notebook and make a list of things that scare you or challenge you.

Making this list might be scary but push forward. Acknowledging what scares you is valuable insight for you, and you can’t tackle challenging tasks and goals without insight.

Keep your list available so that you can add more as they come to you. Refer to the list often and use the list to motivate you to move forward.

Look for Opportunities

For busy moms this might be tough but try to pay attention to your day and your actions. What opportunities are available to challenge yourself?

Big or small, these opportunities are everywhere. They could be at the café, the grocery store, the library, the mom group, in a book, on a train, or at your next Zumba class.

Get in the habit of not shying away from challenges but embracing them anyway. You’re probably encountering a lot more challenges throughout your day than you realize.

Enlist the Help of Friends and Family

Make friends or spend time with people who will challenge you. You can also encourage your partner/spouse to help you face your fears and challenge yourself. Friends and family can give you the encouragement you need when you find yourself going back to your comfort zone.

Get A Life Coach

If you are finding yourself really stuck and needing more help in building your confidence, hire a coach. Coaches are great at helping you build confidence and courage. They can help you overcome barriers, test your limits, face your fears, and keep you accountable.

Keep A Journal

Journaling increases awareness and mindfulness. Sitting down to record what you’ve done and how you feel in a journal helps you reflect on your day. Writing or journaling can help you work through problems and come up with new solutions.

Having a journal also gives you a record of what you’ve accomplished. If it feels like you aren’t making progress and your confidence is waning, grab your journal and look at what you’ve done so far.

It’s easy to forget all the small wins you’ve accomplished over time.

Journaling has so many benefits beyond confidence building. It’s a great tool for any woman to grow and succeed.

Setbacks, Making Progress, and Moving Forward

No one is confident and courageous every single day of their life.

No matter how much self-confidence you have, there will be days where you’re feeling low.

That’s normal and it’s ok. Being a mom has its highs and lows. Accept it, embrace it and focus on moving forward.

It’s necessary to have setbacks in our lives. They help us appreciate and value the process of personal growth.

When you’re going through a tough time, reach out to friends or family, talk with a life coach and write in your journal.

Don’t underestimate the power of the journal! Read back through your older entries and see for yourself how much you’ve accomplished and what you’re already capable of.

It takes time to grow and build confidence. Get outside your comfort zone, take action with the steps I’ve suggested and watch yourself bloom.

What has had the biggest impact on you? What tips and ideas have you found the most helpful? Share your thoughts below!

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